13 Bibles

When Myles and I had stopped by on a routine visit to a place we often go to, we were going to just drop off some things and take off. I was unloading the van when Myles said “Dad can i go listen?” I said sure. I knew there was something going on but did not know what it was. When I was done unloading the van, I went back in and Myles was sitting with a group of 11 men having chapel. He was sitting quietly and listing to the message, so I wholesale mlb jerseys went back out side and turned off my van and came back in sat down in the hallway just listening and praying cheap nba jerseys for the group. It was a good message, and I successful felt God was at work in Progress these men’s heart and so did Myles. Myles cheap mlb jerseys came out to where I was sitting wholesale nfl jerseys and said “Dad can I get them a bookmark and a Bible?”.  So after the chapel was over, we went Российской home and Myles got all his book marks and placed each one in its proper place in Romans 3:22. When we got back to the group of men, 9 of those men received a Bible and a bookmark and even one gentlemen asked if Received his wife could have her own. We were also able to give 2 other women a Bible of their own. This was a wonderful opportunity for this Bibles ministry to give those in need  their own copy of Gods word. Please join us in praying for these in 10 men and 3 women…that God will pull them toward Him and bless them and give them the hunger for the Word of God.

Thank you for your prayers,

Show Us The Way.