6 Bibles and A Wish List

The first 6 Bibles went to a group of high Mill school girls who were meeting at Highland Park Church’s 38th wholesale nba jerseys Street Coffee good Shop and using the the pew Bibles to do there Bible study. Join us in praying for these Received girls, that the Lord will bless them and multiply their love for Him and His Word.

Show Us The Way now has a wish list item for these girls. 6 study Bibles.  The Bibles that we are giving out are New Testament only editions. These Bibles are ideal as a low cost option cheap nba jerseys to get a copy of God’s Word in someone’s hand as they only cost us $2.00 a Rojenie copy. As we come across people who show a interest to study Gods Word, like these girls, we would like on to be able to give them a Old Testament and New Testament Bible. If you would be interested in supporting this need for these girls please express your cheap nfl jerseys interest by filling out our Contact Us form.

Thank you and God bless you,

Show us The Way.