Lights For The Lord In Our Work Place

4 Bibles were given to others at ADM. The opportunity we have- or -the Lord gives us is not always clear. Sometimes it is even difficult. I found myself prompted by the Holy Spirit to give away some bibles to some co-workers of mine. I have to be honest…there is a lot that comes with sharing with those that you work with on a daily bases. But God is clear on this- we need to share with other no matter the cost! The outcome??? Well only God knows and only God can see the heart of man, thank God for that right?

There is persecution in our walk with God. But lets continue to trust that whatever God is doing through us, that we continue to walk in the Spirit with Him. Amen?


Please pray for Show Us The Way and for the hearts of those that receive a copy of Gods Word.



Thank you, SUTW